Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"Thank You", she whispered.

It's habit now to whisper "thank you" when I feel grateful. It comes as naturally as "bless you" when I hear a sneeze, and I'm thankful for the moment, in and of itself.

Just as creatures great and small are gifts from Heaven, so too are the blessings that come with daily living.

1. The ice cream man, every day at 3:30 sharp,
2. Hot pads,fresh brownies, and vanilla ice cream,
3. New friends...and old ones who re-appear,
4. Ethical businesses (and yes, there are still many),
5. Jeans that fit perfectly, 3 weeks out of each month, and for the pair that fit during your "off" week,
6. Comfortable shoes...
7. Ice water.
8.Good news,
9. "Bad news" that you can find a way to appreciate anyway,
10. Compliments, as awkward as they can be to accept. Accept them; they're a gift to you.
11. Cookbooks,
12. Heart shaped clouds,
13. Random acts of kindness, and the poor and humble who assist me in setting the best example possible.
14. For appreciation and compassion, the closest Sisters to Love.
15. And, for LOVE itself; Our driving force.

No power is greater, no force is more powerful.
Love IS the answer.

What is love? Love is appreciation and compassion.
Even for the little things.

Count your blessings, Sister.

(Ask not where not begin; love knows no beginning, and no end.
Simply give thanks.

Love is to the Process, what Gratitude is to your Heart.
One in being with the other).

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