Monday, April 27, 2009

The Gift of Calculated Chaos

It's a messy kind of exciting, right now, living this life. The pieces seem to be unsystematic, and in complete disarray, but...doesn't every jig-saw puzzle look this way when you first dump all of the pieces out of the box?

They're all flipped upward now; no cardboard backings without clues. The pieces with the edges are in the pile to my right. I'll start there; build the frame. Here we go again...

I can look at this only ONE of two ways. I need to CHOOSE ONE.

The Options:


This is overwhelming, impossible, and bigger than I. I'll never know where to start when I'm dealt a pile of reckless shapes, mocking my sense of confusion. Why Me...why now..why AGAIN???



This is AWESOME! I have the chance to start all over again...not only with this puzzle entrusted to me, but also each day. Every day, every experience, and every blessing is meant especially for me. There simply are no mistakes. I CAN DO THIS. Why? Because, God believes in Me. That's why.

The only reason I will be brought to my knees is to GIVE THANKS.

I can put these pieces together standing up.

So can you, Sister.

The best choice is obvious; And God's best is meant to be yours.

Your Sister,



  1. Absolutely amazing as always. So much love to you Sis!