Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Power and Possiblity (AKA: Free Gifts)

Twice this week, I've found myself with hopes up high, saying out loud, "Well, all they can say is "NO". I said it once to my Real Estate Agent regarding a Lender, and another time to the principal of a Private School I hoped to get my son into (but missed the two week cut off period for enrollment).

Neither of the "deals" I wanted ended up materializing...because I CHOSE for them not to happen.

"ALL they could say was NO".

So, of course, with all other options off the table...

Clearly, I offered no alternative in either case.

As disquieting as this lesson seemed to be at the time, it's actually one of the MOST empowering, and IN YOUR FACE examples, of my personal power that I could possibly have displayed for myself! This disallowing attitude in my spirit has not served me well these last few days.


"All they can say is NO" is GONE forever...unless you ACTUALLY want a NO. Then, fire away, Sister...

BUT, if you want it - NO MATTER WHAT IT IS - if you REALLY want it, then SMILE BIG, let your light shine, and say...


Because, Sister...it IS your choice, and ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

(We'll keep reminding each other,OK? It's what sisters do).

Your Sister,

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